Thermocouple Amplifier

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The Texense THN thermocouple conditioner uses a lower cost plastic housing to save on production cost, but in all other areas it is the same as the THA thermocouple conditioner.

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The Texense THK thermocouple amplifier controls the compensation of the cold weld as well as the linearization, making the unit a reliable and precise tool for all your thermocouple type temperature measurements.

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The THNFx8-C is an evolution of our THNFx4-C 4ch thermocouple amplifier, conditioner. This new sensor provides 8ch TC inputs with a fast sampling frequency, 125Hz per channel.

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The THNFx4-C combing 4x THNF amplifiers into one housing with a CAN output and fast 250 Hz per channel sampling frequency. As per the single version, any type of junction is available, K, J, T… as well as different temperature ranges.

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This Thermocouple amplifier provides a high level of output, 0 to 5V for all temperature measurements. Highly compact, it allows the user to simplify wiring by notably eliminating the need for compensation cable. 

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The THNF-C is an evolution of our renown THN. This new sensor provides a faster sampling frequency, now 1KHz when our standard THN does 5Hz.

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Texys has released an ultra-accurate version of the THAB thermocouple amplifier. Originally designed for military and aeronautic purposes, its compact dimensions allow for easy integration into any wiring loom.

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A Range of 2 amplifiers dedicated to amplify the signals from PT100 and 1000 platinum probes. The APT amplifier is built in a very compact housing allowing an easy installation into any wiring loom.