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€175.00 Ex Tx

The Texense VR-Ø9-B differential hall effect wheel speed sensor (DHE) is a class leading highly accurate and compact wheel speed sensor.

€595.00 Ex Tx

The Texense INF V4 infrared disc brake temperature sensor up to 200°C, built with new state of the art electronics, a high accuracy PT1000 output and the option of a linearized and temperature compensated output when used with the LTC-IR module.

€455.00 Ex Tx

This Texense IRN2 miniature digital infrared brake temperature sensor is perfect for contact free brake temperature measurements, detecting infrared rays emitted from objects a few centimeters away.

8 channel analogue to CAN converter for on-car applications.

€465.00 Ex Tx

Infrared clutch temperature sensor for contact free temperature measurement of the clutch plates. Utilizes a remote mounted amplifier away from the heat source where the lens is mounted.

€2,780.00 Ex Tx

This 8-channel differential and/or absolute pressure sensor brings high accuracy in a compact housing.

€229.00 Ex Tx

The Texense XN4 is a PCB analog strain gauge amplifier, high resolution and high speed, with offset and gain adjusted by micro-controller.

€445.00 Ex Tx

The Texense IRN3 infrared track temperature sensor, the perfect solution for contact free infrared temperature measurements. This sensor has been especially designed to match track surface emissivity.

€2,650.00 Ex Tx

Introducing the Texense YAW Pitot sensor with remote tube combining static, differential, yaw angle & board temperature in a compact lightweight housing.