The Texense APASS (Absolute Pressure Aero Skin Sensor) is an advanced sensor array for aerodynamic testing applications. Light, flexible and easy to install on complex aerodynamic surfaces.


The APASS (Absolute Pressure Aero Skin Sensor) is manufactured using a unique patented process, encapsulating an array of 16 absolute pressure and temperature sensors on a flexible strip, ideal for measuring pressure and temperature gradients over aerodynamic surfaces.
This light flexible strip is easy to install and can be quickly fitted flush on complex aerodynamic surfaces thanks to its low-profile 3mm thickness.
The APASS offers high performance capabilities with up to 140 Hz data rate and IP67 protection. Using either CAN 2.0 or CAN FD protocol with 2% resolution up to 16 pressure & temperature points on wings, floors, sidepods, splitters and many more.